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26th Anniversary
Kearney Park
Rennaissance Faire
Volunteer Application

2024 Volunteer Application

Have you ever been convicted of a misdeameaner or felony?

Volunteering will be broken into shifts. Breaks are given during all Shifts. 

You must complete shifts for Benefits to apply. 

If any Volunteer works 1 full day they will be given extra family/ friends passes for the next day to come free of charge. The number of passes will be determined by the Event Staff.

In addition, all volunteers may camp for free in Actor's Camp provided they follow the Rules and Regulations. 

Please return this Application by October 31st, 2024.


By signing this application you are taking responsibility and confirming that you are aware of and agreeing to abide by the rules and regulations. You also are submitting to a background check; in accordance with state law. 

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Thanks for registering.

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